Her hand


When ever i hold her hand, she asks me why do you hold my hand always, teasingly.. I just throws a smile at her when she asks me this question..But one day she was very keen to know the answer..
“Srini, why you always hold my hand? I want to know it today”
At that moment I looked into her beautiful hands. I can feel it asusal. But how to explain this feeling to her..
“Baby close your eyes” I told her and placed my right hand above hers..
“Take a deep breath and Just feel it” I told her.
“Baby what are you feeling now?” I asked her gently in her ears..
Her cheeks were wetting by the tears of her eyes.. Her lips were shivering with that amazing feel..
“Your hands were saying something to me. It’s a wonderful feeling..I can’t explain that feel in words.”
She opened her eyes and filled me in her hands….